Camp Bestival – Anna & the boys get Day Passes for some festival fun

I’ve not grown up attending festivals, it just wasn’t something our family did, nor did I go with friends as a teenager. So now, I’m reliving my youth through my kids and using them as an excuse to sample as much or as little as I feel like. Camp Bestival at Lulworth Castle is perfect for just that. It’s a family festival that very much caters for children as well as adults. There is a whole field dedicated to kids and it’s really cool, full of activities and shows that are kooky, quirky, fun, educational, fashionable and so fun for the whole family.
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Our day trip to the festival was an adventure of sights, sounds, smells and experiences for the whole family. The Insect Circus is a favourite of ours, a show full of ariel and gymnastic performers playing the parts of insects and insect trainers, choreographed wasps and ants, balancing, tumbling and flying above the audience. There’s fancy dress, a catwalk, arts and craft tents, science shows, face painting, reading, poetry and of course all sorts of live music and exotic foods. The kids are never short of something new to see or do.
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This year the theme was ‘space’ with science activities and shows and most of the festival goers were in space fancy dress. Many families had spent hours decorating their trolleys and pushchairs to suit the theme. Aliens and astronauts filled the fields adding to the delight of the kids.
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I asked my boys what their highlights of this years Camp Bestival were…..Ozzy loved the Insect Circus. Rocco enjoyed the Tim Peak science and astronaut area, but the festival was best for him later in the evening when he was allowed to stay up late to see Fat Boy Slim on the main stage. Diggy of course was happy to meet the bear from the Yoyo fruit stand and fill up on the various fruit rolls and snacks they had on offer.
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Festival toilets make me gag! So my greatest pleasure was finding the ‘posh toilets’ where I justified their £2-a-go price tag because all the kids had £2 each for carousel and helter-skelter rides earlier in the day. Mummy treats are very important you know!
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Fantastic food options, easily accessible camping fields and a wonderfully diverse selection of performances, dance tents and activities means this family festival gets a massive ‘Hey Mummy’ thumbs up. If you are a festival virgin then this is definitely the one for you! Get it in the diary for next year,
Anna. x

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