Breastfeeding education in schools – Our thoughts

Lets talk about boobs! There’s a move to start bringing ‘breastfeeding education’ into schools as early as age 11. This has brought some split opinions for many. Is it too young, is it necessary, is it down to the parent? All valid questions, so Anna and I had a good old chat about it to see what our thoughts where on the matter.

Sex education starts around the same age at school, it’s also around the time that children are becoming curious about sex, their bodies, the differences between the girls and the boys. So does it make sense to educate our children on all the functioning parts of our bodies when it comes to babies?

This conversation will also raise issues from parents, mums in particular about the pressures we face as new mums to breastfeed. Is this just another way to make us feel that it’s the ‘only way’, that breast is best and that we are failures as mums if we don’t do it? Or perhaps if the information is given correctly, could it actually explain at an early age that breastfeeding isn’t actually always the easiest ‘natural’ option. As Anna will tell you, she found it anything but natural. This could in many ways be helpful to stop mums feeling like they failed at one of the first hurdles. Perhaps it could even lead to women having a better idea of how to get it right when it comes to latching etc?

On the sexual side of things I feel very strongly that perhaps this could stop boobs only being seen as something sexual. That if the information is given early to boys and girls that perhaps boobs won’t just be for pin ups and for a good squeeze from time to time.

So grab a cuppa and join in the breastfeeding conversation and as always please do let us know how you feel about it, do you agree with the points we raised? Click to watch video here.

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