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Hey Mummy recently had a fantastic day filming and shooting with Bosch and their brilliant eBike systems. We spent a few days getting to know what life would be like if we ditched our cars and used the extra force of the Power Pack 500 to help get us around. We had such a great time and the article and video have been shared world wide in the Bosch industry magazine. We wanted to share the video, the article and the fabulous pictures with you that they took of us and the kids as we cycled around Dorset.


Katy and I have been best friends for nearly 12 years now. We have been together through the dating years then both seeing each other get married, buy houses and have children. Katy and her husband Fred have two girls, Tilda (4 yrs) and Ivy (1 yr) and I am married to Guy, we have three boys, Rocco (10yrs) Diggory (7yrs) and Ozzy (5yrs). Katy and I have always worked in the media industry after training in performance. Katy is a voice over artist and presenter while I am still modelling and acting.


After having children Katy and I moved further from London to enjoy raising our children in beautiful Dorset by the coast. That was when we decided it was time to work together on a project to utilise our media experience and skills without having to travel in and out of London so often. That was the start of a parenting YouTube channel where Katy and I discuss anything parenting/kid related. Our new hobby and project soon turned professional and we are now juggling kids, vids and work daily. It’s crazy but we love what we do.


We both drive people carrier vehicles daily. (We both have 7 seater MPV’s) Until we were sent the cargo bikes we both believed that our cars were the most practical form of transport for our five kids ranging from 1 year to 10 years old. Cycling everywhere was a dream but a completely impractical one we thought as Ozzy, Tilda and Ivy cannot yet ride their own bikes. Impossible huh? Until we got our ebikes that is…..we managed to get everywhere on them. All of the jobs and activities we would normally do in cars we managed to do on the bikes. We had an amazing time. The kids all loved it. We felt really happy and the day was less of a chore or mission and felt more like an adventure.


Katy and I were so excited to be asked to trial the new eBikes equipped with the Bosch drive system. I am already a massive fan of eBikes with kid carriers and have used one regularly since having children so was genuinely up for trialling the Performance Line with DualBattery  (2 x PowerPack 500) and the on-board computer Intuvia. When the bikes arrived and were unpacked I was really surprised to see how sleek they both looked, not cumbersome people-carrier type machines but more sporty, slimline, attractive rides. I couldn’t wait to get on and have a go.

After familiarising myself with the on-board computer Intuvia with the separate remote control I jumped on the eCargo bike with kids carrier at the front and was immediately impressed with the bikes manoeuvrability. It took me a couple of runs up and down the road to get used to the front wheel being in front of the carrier and the balance but I quickly felt confident enough riding it to add two kids. I managed to swing the bike round completely in my narrow road to ride back to the house. It was a comfortable and smooth ride and had taken me only a few minutes to master.


I put Ozzy (5yrs) and Diggory (7yrs) in the carrier at the front and strapped them in using the comfy 3 point harness, it was a bit of a squeeze as Diggy is maximum age now for the ecargo bike and Ozzy is not a small 5 year old but I got them both in without a fuss. We started off in eco mode (which is the least power assistance) This was plenty of added power and acceleration on the flat road even with two heavy weights in the front box. The boys loved it, and so did I, an immediate success!

During our first week with the ebikes we enjoyed school runs, park runs, beach trips and I even did the shopping after the school run, using the kid carrier to transport all the bags!! The school run was fantastic. As my older two boys are now riding their own bikes but Ozzy is not yet the cargo bike enabled us all to leave the car at home and enjoy an eco friendly, energising, exercising school run which with three energetic boys couldn’t make me more happy. Knowing that they had started their day in the best way before having to sit and concentrate in a classroom for the rest of the morning.


The beach runs were also fun. Where we live is very near the beach but can take ages to get there in the car on a sunny day due to the crazy traffic. With our Bosch cargo bike we sped down the bike lane easily, passing all the cars at a standstill. I don’t think I will ever get in the car to the beach again now, it made such a difference to our day.

When Katy came back down from London I couldn’t wait to show her the bike she had been sent. She was given an Urban eBike with a chariot behind for Ivy. Her bike was equipped with the Active Line, PowerPack 500 and the on-board computer Intuvia. Having already sneaked it onto the road for a test run myself I knew she would love it. Katy not being a lover of riding a bike herself would not be able to find excuses anymore as this eBike is SO easy to ride. We were both amazed how light and manouverable the chariot was on the back of the bike and how little it affected the bikes balance and control. In the past Katy and I have both avoided bikes with heavy trailers/tag alongs or baby seats due to the feeling of not being perfectly safe or balanced when riding. This bike was the opposite, with or without Ivy in the trailer it was a dream ride. Thanks to the Bosch drive system, acceleration or uphill rides were a made so easy.

bosch-ebike-my2017-mylocallife-dorset-40Because of the separate remote control on the left handlebar of the bike there was no need to move your hands to add or take away power which was great. The on-board computer manoeuvrable was also a winning feature as it displayed how much battery power the PowerPack had left so there was never any fear of a dead battery whilst out and about.


It was time for us both to really put the bikes to the test so we set ourselves a ‘hey mummy challenge’ We were not allowed to use our cars for a whole day and had to pack in as many things as possible into one day on our eBikes. I had Tilda (4yrs) and Ozzy (5yrs) in the front of my manoeuvrable bike and Katy had Ivy in the chariot pulled along behind hers. We started with the school run which was a real pleasure. To be out enjoying fresh air, exercise and scenery on a bike instead of on the road in a car was a great way to start the day. Katy and I then headed out for a morning cuppa. One again, super convenient to ride straight up to the cafe with Ivy. We packed so many other activities into our day, school pick up, park and beach runs were all super easy on the eBikes. No traffic, No effort. No complaining, no parking! It was a fab day. The only delays were down to the crazy number of people who stopped us to admire the bikes and ask questions or ask where they are sold!

bosch-ebike-my2017-mylocallife-dorset-34The 3 kids were in and out of the eBikes for the whole day and they never grew tired of them. Even Ivy who is not normally a fan of having a bike helmet strapped on her head was really happy to be strapped in for the ride. She really loved it, we had no moaning, crying or complaining from the kids from 8am to 7pm. It was a long action packed day but the eBikes made it a pleasure for all of us.

bosch-ebike-my2017-mylocallife-dorset-33Katy and I can’t believe that more people in the UK don’t own or use one of these eBikes. We would both fully recommend them… rides that provide you with the opportunity to exercise as much or as little as you like. With their easy controls and manouverability these bikes are definitely high on the list of Mummy must haves. Turning every journey into a fun activity rather than a boring journey from A to B. We’d fully recommend them to parents who want to get out and about but don’t want to do everything with kids in a car before they are old enough to ride their own bikes.

If you would like to learn more about our time with Bosch eBike systems then head to https://www.




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