MAD BLOG AWARDS – Interview BBC Radio Solent/Dorset with Steve Harris

Earlier this year the post from Tots 100 went up to announce that the MAD Blogs Award nominations were open for 2016. Tentatively we put ourselves forward for the ‘Best use of Video’ Category and asked our loyal viewers and Facebook followers to nominate us too,  if they indeed like what we do! Still being pretty new at this, in comparison to many other established blogs, we didn’t think we would get that far and didn’t actually give it another thought after that. So when Anna messaged me to say that she thought we might have made it into the final 6 in our category I thought she might have read it wrong. I logged on and low and behold there was our name! Woweeeeeee!

We are so blown away by how many people must have nominated us as there are literally thousands of blogs that are put forward. We are really loving what we do even though sometimes we have days when we have run out of steam. Getting feedback on videos from other parents who have found one of our videos helpful and supportive is such a brilliant feeling and gives us new energy to inject into our channel.

This week BBC Radio Solent asked us to pop in to talk about the awards and what vlogging actually is! So on Monday morning we got up at ‘sparrows fart’ to travel to Dorchester to talk to Steve Harris on the breakfast show for Dorset. It was so exciting for us to go and do this and to feel like we are really getting somewhere with our YouTube Channel. I’m sure many people along the way have wondered what on earth we are actually trying to do with Hey Mummy but hopefully it’s starting to become a little more clear.

Here’s a little video of our morning which includes the Interview with Steve. Have a watch/listen and please do leave us a comment. If you like what we do we also LOVE you forever if you were to vote for us too. We get to go to an awards night in September which we are so looking forward to. Imagine an entire room of mums & dads who have been let out for the night, that’s gonna be a good party!! It would be incredible to win but we will also be happy to just get some heels on and hit the dance floor.

Katy & Anna xx

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