8 Great Party Bag Ideas – Alternative Party Favours

If like us you are sick of spending your hard earned money on plastic rubbish for party favours then you may be after some other alternative party bag ideas. Yes yes we know the kids like the plastic toot put most of it breaks in the car on the way home and then there’s the tears, oh the tears. Also, by the time you buy a selection of novelty bits, from the party section at Tesco’s, plus some sweets and cake it’s not even that cheap. So here are some of the ideas that we have tried over the years that the kids and the parents have loved! You may need to plan in advance to order things in bulk online, on sites like ebay or Amazon, to get a great price but it’s worth it. Some of our favourite value shops are Wilkinson’s, Home Bargains and never underestimate the good old Pound Shops!

Between us we have 5 kids and have already organised 34 children’s parties between us,  we’ve been there with the party bags full of rubbish. Yes we know sometimes it comes down to budget in which case get whatever you can afford. Value wise though, we felt that one decent item rather than a bag of little bits worked out much better for us.

So check out our latest video to get a few party bag ideas and please do comment and share your own!

Katy & Anna x

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