Cervical Screening – Anna has the 1st Ever Live streamed Smear Test

When Channel Mum asked us if we would consider filming a livewe weren’t sure quite how to respond. As I would be the one in the ‘hot seat’ I spent the next few days swinging from thinking it was a crazy suggestion that I could not go through with to thinking it was a really important thing that I must do for women worldwide who are nervous of having their test done. Katy and I talked it over and over. Was this the right thing to do? How would our family feel etc? Then we realised the good outweighed everything else.
There is a stigma attached to cervical screening that is seeing the number of women attending their appointments dropping in the last two years. This was a way that we could remove that fear and stigma for so many women and hopefully encourage them to book in for a possibly life saving test.
So we said yes to filming the test live, and BMI healthcare and top private Gynaecologist Tyrone Carpenter agreed to be a part of the campaign. It was not something I did without great nervousness and questioning but the response has been overwhelming. Women worldwide have been sending emails and commenting about how this has encouraged them to book in for their test. I was able to talk through the procedure with Tyrone whilst he performed the test, therefore proving that although not uncomfortable or pleasant it is not unbearable or painful. Katy was able to present the facts and interview Tyrone, who was so incredibly knowledgable as you would expect.
The number of women and men who watched it live was phenomenal and it’s still being shared and watched now in the tens of thousands. The press coverage has been incredible, the story has been covered in The Daily Mail, The Express, The Sun, LadBible, Mirror and The London Economic. We have done what we set out to do, and that was to raise awareness and to get women booking in for their smear tests.
Having had the the test done when I was younger and needing laser treatment and colposcopy for abnormal cells I may not have been alive to film this video if I had not been for my smear test and follow up appointments. Please ladies, if there is one thing you do for yourselves let it be this! The best way to prevent Cervical Cancer is to keep up with your Smear Tests.
You can catch up on the video here and also on our follow up video discussing how it all went.
A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has supported us on this one and for all the fantastic comments.
Please feel free to share your stories on this topic in the comments.

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