Empty Nest – How Anna felt when her youngest went to school

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People talk about empty nest syndrome when your kids are grown up and moving out but really that first empty nest feeling comes much earlier. When your youngest child is standing there in his/hers shiny new uniform proud as punch that they are now one the big kids, you are filled with pride too but there’s a little piece of your heart that is just breaking a little.

Anna has spent the last 9 years with a small person snapping at her heels around the house but at the start of this term she finally saw her 3rd son Ozzy head off on his adventure in education. So now, for the school term at least, there is no small person banging at the bathroom door during the day, no little hands to share lunch with and no small person to entertain all day every day. Sounds great, right? Well yes to an extent. Anna had joked about popping the fizz with her fellow mums who were also seeing their littles one go off to school but when it came to it that was the last thing she felt like doing.

Check out her video of what she was really feeling before the big day and please let us know how you felt when in her position.


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