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Part two of divorce, single parenting and dating chats with Amy.

Anna talks to Bruce about child sex abuse.


Hi we're Katy and Anna who make Hey Mummy, a channel dedicated to the crazy world of parenting. On our site you can expect to find honest and sometimes heated discussions on parenting issues, current affairs, reviews, recipes and more. We tell it how it is, well at least for us anyway. There are many ways to become a parent and to parent and we are just sharing some of our crazy experiences. Expect honesty, frankness and a lot of laughs. If you would like to work with Hey Mummy please visit our Contact Page.

About US


Presenter and Voice Over Artist

Katy is married to Fred and has two daughters Matilda and Ivy.


Model and Actress

Anna lives in Dorset with her 3 boys Rocco, Diggory and Ozzy.

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